It can be seen that the majority of Irish breeders breed their Staffordshie Bull Terriers to improve their stock. Also there are a lot of first-time breeders out there who believe that from breeding their Staffords they will gain a lucrative business.

You have to always keep in your thinking the ideal Staffordshire Bull Terrier as governed by the official breed standard.

Your Bitch

Whether or not you have bought your puppy bitch to show or for a family pet she will come into season/heat. This normally occurs between six and nine months and every six months after. You should keep a record of her first season and evry season after so you can be sure of no accidental matings.

The best thing to do if you are considering to mate your bitch is to bring her to her breeder and ask him for advice. If he is a good breeder he will be able to give you some advice on your bitch and ley you know what her strengths and weaknesses are and what to look for in a stud dog.

Finding a Stud Dog

First things first – You have a good quality bitch who is as far as you know capable of producing a healthy litter of pups. Hopefully you have taken on board enough know-how of the breed from breeders, books, internet etc to realise that great care and thought is needed before you choose a stud dog.

You should know your bitches strengths weaknesses and temperament. So, the stud dog of your choice should be of sound and equal temperament. This is extremely important because 75% of pups are sold for a family pet rather than a dog for showing.

Looking for the perfect stud dog – If you have spoken to your breeder 90% of the time he will have given you some great advice. Maybe he suggested some possible stud dogs, maybe one of his own. Before you make your final decision have a good look around and see what you can discover by going to other breeders, shows etc.

Approach the owners of a few likely candidates – A good breeder and stud dog owner will have given you a pedigree. You should study the pedigrees and see what their lines have to offer. Preferably you want a stud dog which has strengths where your bitch is weak.

Once you decided on the stud dog you should approach his owner and ask him for permission. This is the last step before the actual mating takes place.